Thursday, May 6, 2010

Islam based on the name or practical?


We are Muslim, but whether we realize it or not, Muslims are nowadays only in name, not in practical because our fathers Islam and so, we are Islam. It is therefore not surprising that at the present time many people, especially the Kuffar were confused with Islam, both in terms of character, clothing, food and many more. This is because many of us who exploit Islam for their own interests. See it on Muslimah fashion, wear the scarf but short sleeves. The food stamp clean, but the truth is wallahua'lam..
Thus, we are not likely to understand and review the civilization built by the past generations of Muslims who acknowledge the past without holding the Islamic faith and their strong link with it. They built a civilization with the principle and faith of Islam that their study. Islam is running in their vein. Without understanding their faith, we are not able to understand the strength of Islamic civilization through the ages.
The name on the principles and practice of Islam, Islamic civilization built. That's what makes Muslims more glorious past and respected in the world. That we should practice Islam, not just only the name of Islam, but no knowledge of what is Islam. Be a Muslim not only in name only. We should proud in Islam.


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